Home Automation and Smart Security Systems

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Home Automation and Smart Security Systems

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Home automation is arguably, one of the biggest buzzwords being thrown around lately. With people’s lives becoming busier and busier, we are expecting things that we used to do naturally, to be automatically done for us, in a way to save time to give us more time to achieve something deemed more important.

So, what is home automation?

It sounds very futuristic and space age, however, it’s actually a lot simpler than how it sounds. In short, home automation basically refers to anything in your home that can be controlled remotely or automatically, usually by a smart device. It can refer to anything from controlling the lighting displays including blinds and bulb brightness to controlling home security, all in a bid to make your life easier as well as allowing you to have greater control over your home than ever before.

Home security is a huge talking point at the moment as it keeps us safe and also gives us peace of mind that in the event of a burglary or fire there is something there to give us a warning. No longer do we have that nagging thought whilst being away of ‘did I lock the back door?’, now it’s easier than ever to check your home is secure wherever you are.

What are the advantages of smart security systems?

  • You can receive text and email notifications alerting you when the alarm has been activated or the geo-sensor has been triggered – ideal for when you’re at work or away on holiday. It can also send you notifications when windows and doors are opened.

  • It integrates with other devices in the home, for example you can use your home system to open the garage door or turn on any lights in the home all from the same interface.

  • The alarm can be linked to the police or a local security company that will call for appropriate assistance when the alarm is activated.

  • It doesn’t only monitor burglaries but also fire, smoke, water escapes and carbon monoxide as well, ensuring your home and family are safe in the event of any emergency.

A home security system comes with many advantages that will fit in to your home life and make keeping your family and property safe a whole lot easier. Overall, it is giving you peace of mind that if anything does happen you have everything you need to ensure an immediate detection and that help is on its way.

At Integrated Logic, we can help with all things home automation, including lighting control and design, security and access control, home cinema and multi-room audio systems. Whether it’s for added value in a new development or as a bespoke one-off job, we have all the necessary tools and resources to deliver the job in hand.

So, if you’re looking for that new-age touch, get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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