home automation

The ultimate control

At Integrated Logic we bring all home systems together seamlessly, giving homeowners the ultimate control. 

home automation

The ultimate control

At Integrated Logic we bring all your systems together seamlessly, giving homeowners the ultimate control. 

Seamless integration

Unified control system


We believe that controlling a smart home should be second nature. Part of the beauty of a smart home is the ability to have lighting, heating, security, music systems and more controlled from one source that is easy to monitor and maintain. Multiple remotes and endless cables are a thing of a past with our bespoke integrated home automation offering, bringing all your systems together seamlessly, giving homeowners ultimate control.

At Integrated Logic, we take the time to understand which requirements would enhance homeowners day-to-day living and offer our expert advice along the way. Whether they would like a super-advanced control panel or simplified control from smart phones, we create a solution to meet their desires.

Creating a smarter living experience

With our coordinated approach, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system from the comfort of your own bed with one touch of a button. We provide a solution that is a pleasure to use for everyone.

Our systems give users remote access to virtually all the functions in their home from smartphones, remotes and interfaces, putting homeowners firmly back in control of their home. One effortless smart home experience, without the hassle of the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.

Smart heating and climate control

Heating is an intergal part to any home and all our smart heating systems are designed for optimum efficiency to reduce household costs and minimise environmental impacts.

Enjoy personalised comfort settings which can be controlled through thermostats or user-interfaces and can be activated on a schedule, via a touch on your phone or by your voice – or even remotely. Our solutions can adjust the temperature and humidity of your home according to seasons and even light the fireplace without ever having to leave the sofa. As well as adjusting temperatures up and down for each room, an easy ‘all off’ button enables the heating (and lighting, audio etc) to be turned off throughout the house as you leave.

Beyond this, we also offer motorised blind and shade control. We partner leading manufacturers to ensure a seamless experience through manual control or by automated settings that work alongside the lights and thermostat to increase energy efficiency. These help to protect you from direct sunlight, keeping you cool and reducing the glare on your TV.

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