Smart Lighting and Wellbeing

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Smart Lighting and Wellbeing

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With people spending over 90% of their time indoors, buildings have a large impact on our health and wellbeing which has been further highlighted by the WELL v2 Standards. Home automation, with smart lighting in particular is proving that it can foster better health. We work with homeowners, developers and construction professionals to create a customised smart lighting system to create an environment that’s comfortable, convenient, and good for your wellbeing.

Light intensity

A smart lighting system can adjust the lighting in your home automatically to mimic our daily routines and cardiac rhythm. For example, you can programme the system to gradually dim the lights as the sun sets which will in turn tell your body to relax and get ready for sleep. On the other side, lights can gradually brighten in the morning so that you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested.

Light colour

As well as the intensity of the light, the colour also has a large impact on your health. Plenty of research has shown that blue lighting interrupts the body’s sleeping pattern and cardiac rhythm, but with smart lighting this can easily be controlled throughout your house and even your mobile devices. At Integrated logic we install colour-changing light bulbs which are controlled through home automation systems and are programmed to a bright blue light during the day and dim red light in the evening.

Mood enhancing

Smart lighting has also been shown to enhance our moods which further emphasises the importance of getting the lighting in your home spot on. Dim, soft, pale-coloured lights can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, while crisp, bright, vibrant coloured lighting can improve productivity.

Smart blinds

Lastly, smart blinds can be a great option for getting a good night sleep and maintaining your circadian rhythm. Smart blinds can be controlled manually via a remote or app or be automated. You can programme them to lift and lower at the same time every day to help secure a great night’s sleep even in the peak of summer.

Ultimate control

Lighting intensity, colour, timing and blinds can all be controlled remotely from your smart devices whether you are sitting in your living room or on your way back from work. Also, by integrating Alexa you can even control light levels by using just the tone of your voice.

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